Spartagen XT Reviews: A Mixed Bag

I turned 30 this year (2015). And in a quest to maintain health and youthfulness I’m looking at Spartagen XT reviews to determine if this supplement is a legit option.

I still feel great at 30. Young, good energy levels, good sex drive (though best ask my wife for the most honest answer about that).

And I seem to still put on muscle OK. It’s hard work as always, but I can still make gains. And fat loss is OK, whenever I need to drop a little stomach fat.

What I’m concerned with it all of these things starting to decrease from here on it. I’ve heard it said, from several sources that testosterone levels in guys drop with age. Particularly after 30 years old.

And with lower testosterone levels comes easier mid-age weight gain, and a nose dive in your sex life. Not exactly the direction I want my life to go in. And supplementing to maintain youthful testosterone levels seems to be a solution.

What is a Testosterone Supplement?

Testosterone supplements essentially increase natural levels of testosterone in the body. They can come in many shapes and forms.

From the controversial and often illegal forms that professional body builders use. To natural and even herbal, over the counter, supplements that are much safer for your body.

Just a bit further down you’ll find Spartagen XT reviews. Spartagen XT is USA manufactured supplement. Made from 100% natural ingredients, that I’ve decided to experiment with.

Spartagen XT reviews: Product Benefits

Image Credit: From the Official Spartagen XT web site

Enter SpartagenXT

Spartagen XT (or Spartagen XT, both are used interchangeably) is a natural health supplement for increasing:

  • Energy
  • Libido
  • Body composition
  • Performance
  • and Drive

Spartagen XT is made by EGDE Bioactives. There are US and international phone numbers on the top right of the official site. Always nice to know when buying these types of products online.

I like to call the company before making the purchase so I know there’s a real person I can talk to in case there’s an issue with the order, or I need to return the product.

It’s also free from the following stuff.

SpartagenXT non-GMO Gluten Free

Image Credit: From the official Spartagen XT site

But, despite what it says on the box, does Spartagen XT actually work? Before I order, I like to collated reviews from several sources to inform my decision. Here is a mixed selection of Spartagen XT reviews I found.

A Collection of Spartagen XT Reviews

Note, there are several Spartagen XT reviews on the official site.

I tend to ignore those when making a purchase decision, as almost 100% of companies will publish only 5 star reviews. And it’s near impossible to get an accurate description of what people are really saying.

The manufacturer is hardly going to publish a 1 star review.

Spartagen XT Reviews on Amazon

Usually Amazon is one of my go to sources for independent reviews. But, the product isn’t on sale there unfortunately. Amazon can also be a good place to check the Spartagen XT price, to find a better deal.

Anyway, on to the next Spartagen XT review source. Ebay.

Spartagen XT Reviews on Ebay

I found two sellers on Both around the same price of $60.

There are 28 Spartagen XT reviews there. But, they’re all really just seller reviews. With things like:

  • Perfect AAA+++
  • As advertised, Very good. Thanks A++
  • thanks for being a good seller. fast and honest

They don’t talk about the product itself. That said, if you’d like to order from Ebay. It looks like there are some reliable sellers. I decided to get a free trial from the official site to start with.

Other Spartagen XT Reviews

The only other reviews I’ve found are from independent reviews like myself. And I’m the first to admit that a lot of those site do not feature genuine reviews. They’re just folk out to make a quick buck. That said some of us do try and give you useful information 😉

Take these Spartagen XT reviews with a pinch of salt:

Joe, an independent review at says:

YES. Spartagen XT absolutely worked for me!!!

The first thing I noticed when I started taking Spartagen XT was how much better I felt overall. I woke up feeling less tired, and I actually felt an energy boost throughout the day, and my mood was starting to feel a lot more stable – especially since I finally had the energy to head back to the gym more again and go out and do the things I enjoy. Most importantly, though, my sex drive is back, and I can finally get an erection again.

I don’t really trust that review. The site feels fishy to me.

Next one from I’ve read several other reviews from these guys and trust them. They feature product shots of staff in their SupplementCritique t-shirts. It seems legit. They said:

the first few weeks I could definitely feel a little bit of a difference in my energy and libido. I felt like I was sleeping better, had a better overall mood, and my energy levels felt like they had increased.

However, after the first few weeks were up I could honestly say that the effects were essentially completely gone and I returned to my normal “baseline”. This was definitely one of the strangest supplements I’ve ever tested, because USUALLY either a product will work or it won’t. It won’t just work for a couple of weeks and then stop working completely, which was the case here.

One thing that REALLY caught me off guard was their deceptive auto shipping billing feature. When you go to order, it appears as though your’e making a one-time purchase. There’s nothing on the sales page indicating that there’s any sort of recurring subscription or billing setup.

Please be careful with their auto-ship program.

I can’t tell for sure if this video is from the manufacturers or a reviewer promoting the product. My feeling is the latter.

To wrap up. There’s not a whole lot of convincing independent review info out there. I’m going to go ahead and try it out, and will publish my own review here shortly.

I’ll do a video series along the way to show it’s really me, and I’m actually taking the supplement.

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By Leonidas — Updated August 7, 2015